Mexico eSIM  helps you save upto 80% on International Roaming in Mexico

Mexico eSIM helps you save upto 80% on International Roaming in Mexico

Enjoy high speed data in Mexico with a Travel eSIM for Mexico

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2 GB Data
  • eSIM Price : $ 21 $ 18
  • Data :2 GB High Speed
  • Validity :15 Days
  • Coverage :Mexico
  • Delivery :Immediate via email
  • Voice Calls :Use Whatsapp or Facetime
  • Partner Network :Chorro Fon
  • Browsing Time :10 to 20 Hours
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3 GB Data
  • eSIM Price : $ 32 $ 27
  • Data :3 GB High Speed
  • Validity :30 Days
  • Coverage :Mexico
  • Delivery :Immediate via email
  • Voice Calls :Use Whatsapp or Facetime
  • Partner Network :Chorro Fon
  • Browsing Time :20 to 30 Hours
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5 GB Data
  • eSIM Price : $ 52 $ 44
  • Data :5 GB High Speed
  • Validity :30 Days
  • Coverage :Mexico
  • Delivery :Immediate via email
  • Voice Calls :Use Whatsapp or Facetime
  • Partner Network :Chorro Fon
  • Browsing Time :40 to 50 Hours
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to secure International Data Roaming in Mexico?
Get an eSIM for Mexico or seamless access to International Data Roaming in Mexico. It works on all high end and unlocked mobile phones, tablets and laptops. You can buy it online here, get it within an hour via e-mail & install it within 2 minutes on your eSIM compatible phone, tablet or laptop.
Which is the cheapest solution for Internet connectivity in Mexico during travel?
A Rocket eSIM for Mexico provides connectivity to Internet in Mexico at the cheapest price, thanks to our Mexico data roaming plans available at incredible prices.
Which smartphones can support a Mexico eSIM Card?
The following unlocked devices can use a Rocket Mexico eSIM: Apple iPhone SE (2020), XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro and Pro 11 Pro Max,12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Flip, Note 20 Ultra, Fold LTE, Huawei P40, P40 Pro, Google Pixel 3, 3a, 4, 4a, 5, Motorola Razr 2019 and Razr 5G. Select iPad models (iPad Pro 11 and 12.9-inch 3rd generation, iPad Air 3rd generation, iPad 7th generation, and iPad Mini 5th generation) See full list here
Will I be charged for roaming in Mexico on my regular phone plan?
Once you install and activate your Rocket eSIM for Mexico, your phone will use Mexico eSIM for mobile data, hence you will not incur any roaming charges on your regular phone plan.
Will the Rocket eSIM for Mexico replace my existing phone plan?
When you install a Rocket Mexico eSIM, it does not replace your existing phone plan. It adds a new secondary data plan to your mobile or laptop. You can enable or disable the new plan as per your choice within a few seconds.
What data speed can I enjoy with a Rocket eSIM in Mexico?
In most cases, your Rocket eSIM of Mexico offers maximum speed coverage (4G LTE) like any local data line. In remote areas with low coverage, the data speed could be lower.
From what day do my Mexico data plan validity start counting?
The days start counting from the moment you activate your Mexico eSIM, hence it is advisable to activate your Mexico eSIM Card Plan when you are ready to travel to Mexico or once you land at the Mexico airport.
Should I activate data roaming for Mexico before I begin my travel to Mexico?
Activate data roaming on your eSIM just before you leave or upon arrival in Antigua and Barbuda. Leave the "Mobile roaming" or "Roaming" option activated for better coverage. Use of this option does not imply any surcharge for you or any surprise bill since you have configured the Rocket Mexico eSIM for your mobile data.
Can I make voice calls or send SMS with my Rocket eSIM card for Mexico?
Rocket Mexico eSIM cards only include data in the destination country, you will be able to make calls using VOIP applications such as WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype. Since they run on internet connections, your data-only eSIM is sufficient. Just be sure to keep Data Roaming OFF for your primary SIM, so your carrier doesn’t try to connect you to an international network.
How will I receive my Rocket Mexico Travel eSIM after making the payment?
Once you have paid for your Mexico Travel eSIM Card, you will receive a confirmation email with the QR code within an hour. Once a Rocket eSIM has been purchased, it cannot be returned or refunded.
How do I install the Rocket eSIM for Mexico on my phone?
Rocket eSIM for Mexico installation takes less than 5 minutes. Open Settings > Mobile data > Add mobile data plan, scan the QR code from your computer screen and install the eSIM. You must be connected to Wifi during this process. Assign the eSIM a name. Activate 'Data roaming' on it just before leaving or once you reach your destination. If you face an issue with activation, access the eSIM line configuration to check that the APN has taken the value indicated in the instructions sheet - which will be mailed to you once you make the purchase of a Rocket eSIM Card for Mexico
How do I check if my cell phone is unlocked?
Open "Settings" > Select "General" > Select "About" & scroll down to see "Carrier Lock" or "Network Provider Lock" If you see only one carrier displayed, it may be that your device is LOCKED to that particular carrier. Get in touch with your carrier to have the device unlocked. If you see "No SIM restrictions" or more than one carrier listed, your device is already unlocked.
Can I use my physical Mexico SIM Card and the Rocket Mexico eSIM together?
eSIM services on a handset work concurrently with an existing SIM card, hence there is no need to remove your existing SIM card. Whether you opt for data-only Mexico eSIMs or an all-inclusive Mexico eSIM plan, you can use both the SIM cards at the same time, one for making calls and the other for data roaming.
How do I keep my existing number on WhatsApp?
To keep your existing number on WhatsApp, no configuration is needed. If you don't activate a new number in WhatsApp, you will keep the old one.
What happens when I exhaust my data or cross the validity period of my Mexico eSIM Plan?
Your Mexico eSIM Plan will stop working once the contracted data plan has been consumed, due to data usage or duration in days, whichever happens first.
Can I share my Mexico eSIM Data with other devices via hotspot?
A few Rocket eSIMs have this feature enabled. Before making the purchase, read the description of the eSIM to check if it includes the data sharing feature.
How can I check how much data is left on my Mexico eSIM Card?
Check data usage on your Mexico eSIM Plan from the "Roaming data usage" utility of your device or from the usage statistics.
Can I use the Rocket eSIM for Mexico on multiple devices?
Once Mexico eSIM is configured on a device, it can only be used on that device. Once deleted, it cannot be re-used, even if you scan it again. It is not possible to scan the same QR code from two different devices.
Can I get a refund on my purchase of a Rocket Mexico eSIM Card?
Mexico eSIM is a digital product which is deemed consumed once purchased. We cannot monitor the data usage on your Mexico eSIM, so once the QR code is sent to you, there is no refund possible.
How do I set my data back from Rocket Mexico eSIM to my home network when I return from the Mexico trip?
Go to 'Settings' on your phone and click on 'Cellular' At the top of the screen, click on 'Cellular data' and select "Primary" to turn on your home data services.
How can I de-activate my Mexico eSIM profile when I am not going to use it?
To temporarily deactivate your Mexico eSIM profile, click on > Settings > Mobile Data and select the eSIM you want to deactivate. Set the button “Activate this number” at the top of the screen to OFF. It is advisable not to delete your eSIM as you can re-activate it again at a later date by buying a top up plan.
Will the Mexico eSIM drain my mobile battery?
The Mexico eSIM is more efficient than a Mexico plastic SIM Card and will not drain your mobile battery.
What happens if I delete my eSIM for Mexico travel by mistake?
If you delete your eSIM for Mexico travel, you won't be able to reaccess it. You'll need to purchase a new eSIM Plan to stay online in Mexico
How can I get in touch with the Rocket eSIM Support Team?
Send us a mail on and we'll reply within a couple of hours. You can also chat with us online or leave us a message if we are not online at that particular time. We're quick to reply on chats.